I have been passionate about the human body since I was a child. It was when my mother became ill with ALS, and I was pregnant with my first daughter that something snapped in my head : our health is more in our hands than we think. With time science bared that out. It is called epigenetics, and this drives how I live my life. Our DNA is hard wired, but our lifestyle choices turn our genes on and off. My strategy is to make the best choices that benefit my body to keep the good genes on and keep any bad genes at bay.

Another way to look at it is that when your body is out of balance, your health begins to deteriorate. This may be silent for years, and then a chronic disease is diagnosed. Wouldn’t you like to get ahead of this curve? That is at the heart of my practice. I want to look at your body systems and help identify areas that need fine tuning; the goal is to keep your body in great health, so you live a long and healthy lifespan. Given a chance, every cell in your body knows what to do, and we just need to get out of the way and support them!

Most likely we all know what is good for us, but modern society makes convenience an easier choice. Life doesn’t have to be rigid with choices, but the knowledge on how to live better with good choices is a commitment not a sentence. I prefer taking the good path before my body starts to breakdown. How about you?​ If you are tired of not feeling well, or have an elusive health problem, feel free to set up a time with me to learn more about my program.

My Mission

To provide education to my clients so they will be empowered to be their own and best health advocate. I will offer targeted testing and protocols for each client to help them clear the obstacles to their health.

“Let food be thy Medicine. Thy medicine will be thy food." .

Hippocrates, 430-360 B.C.